Vail to open Golden Peak, China Bowl, Tea Cup Bowl Wednesday

By Real Vail
Real AspenNovember 23, 2010
With nearly nine inches of new snow Sunday and Monday and another big blast coming in tonight, Vail Mountain today announced it will expand its skiable terrain to nearly 3,000 acres Wednesday.

The Golden Peak Base area portal will be open with the Riva Bahn Express (Chair 6) coming online, and both China and Tea Cup bowls will also open for the season, joining Sun Up Bowl, which opened Saturday. Sun Down Bowl is still closed as crews work on the new high-speed quad to replace Chair 5.

Beaver Creek also officially opens for the 2010-11 ski season on Wednesday, and season pass restrictions have been lifted for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Incredibly, most of the Back Bowls at Vail will be open Wednesday, but not Sun Down Bowl, because crews are still working on the new high-speed Chair 5.
By David O. Williams

Here's the full release from Vail Resorts on the terrain available for snow riding Wednesday, when another 6-12 inches is expected:

Opening for the first time this season on Wednesday, Nov. 24 at 9 a.m. will be the Riva Bahn Express Lift (#6) and Gopher Hill Lift (#12) in Golden Peak; the Cascade Village Lift (#20) and the Sourdough Express Lift (#14). China Bowl and Tea Cup Bowl, served by the Orient Express Lift (#21) and Tea Cup Express Lift (#36) will open mid-day on Wednesday.

"We always have a lot to be thankful for in Vail, but having virtually the entire front side plus Sun Up, China and Tea Cup bowls and 2,700 acres of terrain open before Thanksgiving provides us with an overabundance of reasons to give thanks this year,” said Chris Jarnot, chief operating officer of Vail Mountain.

On Wednesday, Nov. 24, skiers and snowboarders will have access to the following lifts and portions of terrain in these areas on Vail Mountain:

• Avanti Express Lift (#2)
• Wildwood Express Lift (#3)
• Mountaintop Express Lift (#4)
• Riva Bahn Express Lift (#6)
• Game Creek Express Lift (#7)
• Born Free Express Lift (#8)
• Northwoods Express Lift (#11)
• Gopher Hill Lift (#12)
• Sourdough Express Lift (#14)
• Little Eagle Lift (#15)
• Vista Bahn Express Lift (#16)
• Sun Up Lift (#17)
• Eagle Bahn Gondola (#19)
• Cascade Village Lift (#20)
• Orient Express Lift (#21)
• Tea Cup Express Lift (#36)

Additional terrain will open to the public as soon as conditions and weather permit. Beginning Wednesday, ticket offices in all base areas will be open. The Lionshead Adult and Children's Snowsports School is open for all private and group lessons. The Vail Village Adult Snowsports School is currently open only for private lessons. The Small World Nursery and Children's Snowsports School will be open in Golden Peak. The Golden Peak Adult Snowsports School will open Friday, Dec. 3.

Eagle's Nest, Buffalo's, Wildwood and the Look Ma level of Mid-Vail are open for on-mountain as well as Express Lift at Mountain Plaza. Two Elk Restaurant will open on Friday, Nov. 26.

As usual in the early season, Vail Mountain lifts will open at 9 a.m. to accommodate early-morning operations. Skiers and riders are asked to observe all posted signs and closures, especially during the early season. Closed trails may contain hazards due to early snow coverage. Crossing an on-mountain closure is a violation of the Colorado Ski Safety Act and will result in the loss of skiing privileges and could involve prosecution and a fine of up to $1,000.

For more information about Vail Mountain, including opening day, terrain updates, snow reports, events and lodging and vacation values, visit or contact the Mountain Information Center at (970) SKI-VAIL (754-8425).

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