Vail's new 'Grand View' meeting facility up and running in Lionshead

By Real Vail
April 24, 2012
Vail's newest community space on the third floor of the Lionshead Welcome Center now has a name and is ready to accept bookings for future events and activities.

The space will be called “The Grand View,” a tribute to the gorgeous views of Lionshead, Vail Mountain and the Gore Range. The name was selected by a Town Council subcommittee following a review of more than 70 entries submitted by the community. While variations of “The Grand View” had been forwarded during the contest, the final name was derived from a combination of entries.

As a result, a drawing was held from among the contest participants to determine the winner of a gold parking pass for the 2012-13 ski season. The drawing was held at the April 17 Town Council meeting and Wendy Erb of Vail was selected as the winner.

The Grand View space will be available for use beginning on or before May 15. The 1,300 sq. ft. space and adjoining 500 sq. ft. deck has been designed to function as a multi-use community gathering area. The space is equipped with tables, chairs and a small catering pantry. Capacity varies from 80 to 150 people depending on the set up.

A tiered rate structure has been established for use of The Grand View to accommodate many types of events. Possible uses include presentations, speakers and seminars; private parties, weddings, receptions and memorials; social, school and club meetings and activities; special town government meetings and events; neighborhood meetings and events; and non-specialized recreational activities. Rates will vary based on weekday or weekend use, with discounted and free use for local nonprofits and agencies.

The space is being managed by Donovan Pavilion Management, Inc. To arrange for a tour of the space or for other details, contact the Donovan Pavilion office at 477-3699.

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